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Cauldron Cacao

Nourish Your Body – Elevate Your Soul


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Cauldron Cacao – Ceremonial Cacao

Our Cacao is *Demeter certified Biodynamic, organically-grown, wild harvested, and (more than) fairly traded, enabling the Amazonian communities to maintain their traditional agricultural livelihoods and preserve the Amazon rainforest.
We seek to bring together the best resources from Ecuador and Guatemala, providing you with the cultural and spiritual knowledge and access to pure cacao as a complete wellbeing remedy to uplift and support you in our ever fast paced lifestyles; We promote drinking Cacao as part of your wellbeing practice, and a healthy choice to elevate your mental, emotional and physical vitality.
With over 300 active chemical compounds, Cacao has been scientifically proven to nourish our body, reduce stress, open our hearts and can be used as part of a DAILY PRACTICE to connect deeper with your body, mind and soul self – creating a harmony within that reflects on the outer in your life. When we are more connected to our hearts, self love is activated – who doesn’t wish to feel more loved up and blissed out?

“Unplug, slow down, breathe and be peaceful”
Find your stillness with each sip.

We offer 100% pure Ceremonial-grade Cacao, Cacao Medicine Facilitator Training and Retreats, 21 Day Cacao Dieta, and occasionally; in person 24 hour Medicine Circles supported by experienced practitioners, aligned with the way our Mayan communities hold gatherings in honour of this beautiful earth we call home.

Peace Ravenwood Nomadic Cacao Practitioner

Peace is a permaculture teacher, Sacred Ecology mentor, medicine woman, forager, quantum regression integration therapist, and an intuitive herbalist, one of her offerings is being the founder and creator of Cauldron Cacao; unique, stone ground Ceremonial Cacao drinking blends, Cacao Facilitator training retreats and Sacred Cacao Immersions. Her life is a tapestry woven with threads of nature’s wisdom, spiritual healing, and a deep connection to the Earth.

She lives a nomadic lifestyle, in her van with her soul partner; Anthony, loads of crystals, foraged seeds, rock beings and far too many books!

Peace’s approach to healing is holistic, intuitive and deeply Sacred. Utilising quantum regression and integration therapy, she assists her clients in clearing lifetimes of trauma, limiting beliefs, and wounds. This process is not a sudden leap, but a gentle unravelling of the layers we have built around ourselves, enabling us to step into the highest potential of our Soul expression.

Her work with Ceremonial Cacao and plant allies invites a deeper exploration into the realm of plant spirit medicine and multidimensional herbalism. This exploration is another path to self-discovery, understanding our world, and navigating its complexities. Peace serves as an emissary between the unseen world and our human realm, fluently interpreting messages from hidden dimensions and assisting others in their spiritual journey.

Her expertise extends to helping clients who have experienced a wide range of emotional and physical challenges, including; trauma, PTSD, anxiety, toxic relationships, eating disorders, stress, burnout, and chronic pain. Peace’s unique skills are tailored to bring her clients into harmony, invoking their own wild and sacred wisdom, and embracing the ultimate healer: Self Love and Radical Self Care.

At the core of Peace’s teachings is the concept of ReWilding or Sacred Ecology. She believes that by becoming one with nature, our lives undergo a profound transformation. This attunement to the Earth’s heartbeat initiates healing, allowing us to move from our heads to our hearts, discovering our truth and unlocking our ultimate Divine Expression in this lifetime.

Peace’s life and work are a testament to the power of living in harmony with nature and ourselves. She is a beacon for those seeking to reconnect with their inner magnificence and embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery. Through her guidance, many have found their path back to their true nature, embracing a life of peace, balance, and spiritual fulfilment.

“Unplug, slow down, breathe and be peaceful.
Find your stillness with each sip.”